Two Halves Make A Whole

Having planned weddings, engagements and proposals for a couple of years now, you’d think us wedding planners would be well-versed in all things love and romance. And, I’d say you’re quite right! For example, a perfect match often means being set-up by your closest friends and dating apps do work in finding love. But, we learn new things about people and their relationships every day. One thing that we have learnt about couples over the years is that brides and grooms are very different when planning their weddings.

Show a groom a shade of blue and ask him what colour it is: he will tell you blue. But a bride will tell you the exact shade down to its Pantone number; we’re just kidding about that Pantone one! They could tell you the difference between a regular rose and a cappuccino rose and they come to meetings armed with beautifully curated Pinterest boards. In our experience, brides are more meticulous and they love looking at the details and the finer things of planning their wedding. But that’s not to say grooms are completely uninvolved in the process. 

Grooms are more big picture kind of people; they are realists. It is the overall vibe and aesthetic of their wedding they look at. Whether it’s a colour scheme or a theme, as long as it happens according to their vision, they’re satisfied. They take charge of budget management and are not swayed by the Pinterest moodboards. And, they’re in charge of crying as their bride walks down the aisle. But our favourite role a groom takes on: making sure that his wife is happy! It always brings a smile to our hearts when he makes sure that his forever partner has the day of her dreams.

After years of meeting brides, grooms and couples madly in love, the most important thing being a wedding planner has taught us is despite these differences, whether in terms of personalities, culture, nationalities and more, weddings are about uniting the two halves of a whole. And, although we observe these similarities across the board, we are also often in awe of how unique the couples we meet are. It makes every challenge and joyful moment of what we do worth the journey and constantly reignites our passions to make every little thing matter.

Written by: Avery 
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