Wedding Day Timeline

It is an inevitable fact that there are a million things to be looked into and considered for your wedding day. To “try” to ensure your big day is stress free, timeliness and scheduling is of upmost importance. Consider things like who to invite, where to place what, when to do this and then how, but why?

Today, we shed some light on a few of these things.

Scheduling… There are more than a gazillion timeline schedules that you can search for examples online. However, the best timeline for your special day is one that you’ve created and tailored exclusively for your needs (if you need help preparing it, email us!) when drawing up your schedule.

Wedding Planner… It is crucial to also appoint someone to ensure that things are on track. That way, you won’t forget all the nitty gritty things that matter most. Remember, it’s “Once in a lifetime” – we all want it closest to perfect.

To Do List... Start off by creating a “To Do List”. It is absolutely essential that you jot down all your wants and needs. Every little thing matters and goes a long way in planning a wedding. Jot things down as you go along be it small or insignificant.

Expect the Unexpected… As your wedding day draws nearer, things will happen. Always expect the unexpected and be prepared to anticipate that some things may take longer than expected. However, try to stick closes to your timeline. Mark a gap on your calendar dates to allocate extra time. You never know some last minute things might crop up and allow you to make last minute changes.

Pictures… Make sure you schedule some time to take photographs of the bridal preparation before the wedding and every other thing that falls in between. Every moment is worth remembering. Liaise with your photographer and/or videography.

Eat, Drink & Be Married… Last but not least, try to remember to set aside some time to eat! Learn to let loose and stand by Murphy’s Law!:) Don’t be too caught up in the wedding jitters and perfecting the day at the expense of your tummy. Remember to Eat, Drink & Be Married!

Photo by Nigel Lim and Stories
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